Unless you’ve been having a decade-long duvet day with your head literally under the covers, you know about manifesting.


You visualise in the present, you do your best to live in the feeling of what you want, and you believe, you believe, you believe.

Or maybe you don’t.

But whether you think that you can or you can’t, you’re right. To paraphrase Henry Ford.

Because it all comes down to thought.

What is Thought?
Form is constantly being created out of formless energy, and thought is part of that formless energy.

All thought is energy without content; you put the form onto this energy to create thought. Everyone lives in a world of thought; everything you experience, you experience via thought, and you react to the content of your thinking when you believe the thought is real.

And, as all thought is energy, thought can’t be anything but neutral, which means an angry thought is made of the same energy as a loving thought.

Thought has no content in and of itself. All emotion comes to us via thought, even love.

It can feel like you have one thought all day that fills your head, but the thought is transient; it’s fleeting and cannot last more than a nanosecond. You can see this in an fMRI scan;you can see how energy lights up neurons.

But it’s impossible to have one thought all day. What happens is that you keep firing the same neural pathway and repeating the same type of thought. You don’t control what thoughts you have; you can’t predict your next thought, but you can get stuck firing the same neurons habitually.

But when you manifest, you turn your thoughts to what you want, and that’s a happier pathway to meander along.

You Create Your Own Reality Via Thought
Your reality is real to you, and mine is to me, and the reason that happens is that you are always creating your reality moment by moment via thought.

Everything you experience has to be filtered through the lens of thought. You can only experience what you’re aware of, and whatever you’re aware of becomes your reality.

Have you ever had an instance where you see a friend across the road? You smile and wave at your friend, but when you get closer, you can see isn’t your friend at all. And yet, the moment before, when you thought this person looked like your friend, your reality was that it was your friend. You could blame poor eyesight, but when you thought this was your friend, you felt it was your friend. You believed it.

We are thinking beings. There is never a time when you aren’t thinking unless you’re unconscious. When you sleep, you lose consciousness, meaning you aren’t aware of your thoughts until you start to dream. Your thoughts when you dream are still made of the same energy as your daytime thoughts.

Realising that you are constantly experiencing your thinking is the most important thing you can do. It frees you from imagining that life is difficult or out to get you, and you know that when the thought passes, the feeling will pass.

Can you see you experience whatever you think; you experience thought in the moment 100% of the time. If you think you’re lucky, you feel lucky; if you think you’re unlucky, you feel unlucky.

Your thoughts aren’t telling you anything about your life, personality, or character, just about your state of mind at this moment.

If you want to manifest a new car, you focus your thoughts on the car you want and by doing this, you’re more likely to direct your attention to getting this car.

How about manifesting a relationship?

Thinking Your Way into a Relationship
Everyone wants a happy relationship. And everyone can have one.

I’m not suggesting that you stay with someone mentally or physically abusive or that you stay with someone when the relationship has run its course.

But manifesting your ideal partner has a lot to do with the way you think about your partner. You think you’re in love with your partner, but you’re only ever in love with the idea of your partner.

When you first met, you probably thought about everything you love about them all the time. And every time you thought about or talked about them, you got a dopamine hit.

But as time goes on, instead of thinking about the things you love about your partner, you focus on the things you don’t like. And then you wonder where the feeling has gone.

You know this is true: did you ever love someone in your past that you don’t have any feelings for now? If the answer is yes, and I suspect it is, then where did that feeling go? When you stopped having loving thoughts about this person, you stopped having loving feelings.

You think your relationship into being. So, what kind of relationship do you want? When you follow the habitual pathway about what your partner does wrong, stop and consciously think about something you love about them and see how the relationship changes.

By doing this, you can manifest your perfect partner.

Choose Your Thoughts
You know you can’t choose your next thought, but you can choose the direction of your thoughts by noticing the neural pathway you’re on.

Are you consciously aware of your thoughts?

Become aware of the familiar, habitual feeling you have. If you have a habit of feeling anxious, this might have become your dominant, habitual thought, so remind yourself that you’re having anxious thoughts and choose a different pathway by thinking about something else.

If you’re worried about paying a bill, choose to think about something else. This isn’t suppressing or denying worry but helping you get a better feeling.

And you know you’re more likely to come up with a solution to a problem when you have a calmer mind.

You Don’t Have to Fear Your Thoughts
You might worry that you should have only positive thoughts, and if you have a worried, anxious, or scared thought, you will bring whatever you’re worrying about into your life.

But you don’t have to control your thinking but don’t choose thoughts that keep you down. Thoughts become beliefs, so choose thoughts that reinforce how good your life is.

Thought isn’t a loaded gun. And if you keep worrying that you have worried thoughts, can you see that this will keep you stuck in the worried feeling?

Forcing yourself to have positive thoughts is a tough job. But if you accept that you’re in a spiral of negative thoughts in this second, your next thought could be different; the next thought could feel positive.

The beauty of seeing the power of thought is that you become aware that you can have a fresh thought repeatedly and don’t have to spend hours worrying or feeling upset. Whatever you’re thinking now, you might think something different in a second. When you recognise this, you can get out of your way and allow new thoughts to pop up.
There is no limit to new thought.

Final Thoughts
When I walk along the beach, I often see children playing with a bubble machine or blowing liquid through a wand, and this is like seeing a stream of thought in action. The bubbles appear in different shapes, sizes and colours, bloom brightly and pop in seconds. You can’t catch a bubble as it will burst, and you can’t catch a thought.

But channelling your thoughts towards what makes you happy, diverting worried and anxious thoughts to what you’re grateful for, and living in the thought of the life you want benefits for your mental health.

Manifest your dream life and enjoy the feeling you experience.

The word is a force you cannot see, but you can see the manifestation of that force, the expression of the word, which is your own life.
Don Miguel Ruiz