What is 3 Principles Training?

What is 3 Principles Training?  What would you like to get from this training?  What would make this training ideal for you?  Because that is what you’re going to get.

This training and mentorship will give you everything you need to work as a 3 principles coach or, maybe, just to have the best life you can have, free from stress and unneccesary and unwanted anxiety or anger.

This can be a 6 or 12 month training, it can be flexible to fit in with you and your commitments.

This training consists of 12 in person one to one training days that can be taken in person or via zoom.  This can either be a two day intensive once a month for 6 months or two days every other month for 12 months OR one day a month for 12 months.


Our 12 days will focus on:


Our first four days will deepen your understanding of the principles and set the foundation.  What is the core foundation? What is important and what isn’t? How to settle back to neutral when you’re working with clients or dealing with issues in your own life.  How not to get distracted and to fall back in to the principles.


These four days will concentrate on the impact that you’re having on your clients, your family, and everyone around you. And the impact the principles have in your own life.  These four days will deepen your confidence in the power of the principles.


Whether you wnat to have the best life you can on a personal level or you work as a coach and want to transform your practice, the last part of our training will help you to se the results you’re already getting and the new possibilities that arise on a daily basis.

Watch this video to see the impact that being introduced to the 3 principles made on Paul’s life.  After a lifetime of depression, Paul emailed me after our initial sessions to tell me that after we worked together, the princples changed his life.

Paul had no intention of changing anything in his life, he just wanted to feel normal but he went on to become a principles coach and now runs a successful business helping to share the principles in a variety of fields.